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About Us

Our Mission

Using the love and compassion of God to help heal the broken hearts of childhood trauma by renewing the way they are cared for during their healing journey. 

Our Vision

Establish community awareness and partnerships to provide no-cost services to help transform the lives of survivors, families, and our community.

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Soul Care & Training Sessions

  • Explore groups (12 weeks)

  • Life Management Skills (12 weeks)

  • Childhood trauma prevention, training & awareness (annual training)  

  • Computer Literacy Programs (12 weeks)


Career Training and Certifications in Tech:

  • CompTIA ITF

  • CompTIA Data+

  • CompTIA Project

  • Hands-on Project and Project Coordination Training with leaders in the field with 25 years+ of education and training.



We support Delta Colleges Internship Programs.

As a resident and college student of Delta Community Colleges - San Joaquin, we will help support your journey! 


Apply Today!


Biblical Counseling - Spiritual Formation

We want to love everyone where they are and walk with them to improve and rebuild lives.

While we are not a crisis center, we have a trained and educated team that provides

  • Biblical Counseling (group) 

  • Childhood trauma counseling (group)

must be enrolled in the program to obtain and receive counseling. ​

Our founder is an active member of the following:

  • San Joaquin Human Trafficking Committee 

  • San Joaquin Legal & Law Committee

  • San Joaquin Country Mending The Soul Facilitator

  • ECC- Advocate Against Abuse (AVA) Area Facilitator

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Community Servants 

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