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We are passionate about helping survivors and our goal is to work with each person and personalize each healing experience so that we meet the needs of each individual and group to fulfill their need for complete and independent living.

For the pillars and tools we use to guide survivors, each person will be provided the choice of faith or non-faith-based tools and aid. We believe that many of our survivors have benefited from Christian faith-based workshops along with personalized tools used by counselors, social work, and case management processes.  Our program is unique and encourages each survivor to seek help and heal from life's circumstances.   As a non-profit organization, we honor each client's choice for making the steps to improve their overall well-being and set clear boundaries and respect the goals set together. We've created a uniquely safe space, for survivors and partnering programs.

Faith-Based Partners

There was a point in the past that the Church was an integral part of one's healing journey.  We value working with Christian churches and similar faith-based organizations to help each person.  We have noted considerable success in other programs, especially as we provide community aid.  We will provide each person the option to work with a Christian Counselor and attend a local church ministry that may benefit their long-term recovery.


We want to collaborate with existing organizations to create programs while remaining transparent with the sharing of information, tools, educational services, training, and resources.  We work hard to develop strong partnerships from the public, private sectors with the conviction and mutual understanding that addressing our issues is a shared responsibility.

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