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The Joy of Reading and Writing

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

During this time in my life, it is a deeply inspiring episode, writer Alicia Corrales describes defines how reading and writing helped her find herself and cultivate a life that brings her joy. #faith Alicia shares that the pen moves quickly on the piece of paper as my thoughts come pouring out all my emotions bottled up are set free. My mind races with words and ideas that need to be written down and put into action. I read the words over and over again. Yes, that's good, I say to myself. A smug smile of accomplishment lights up my face. The written word jumps up and captures me and so I share with you all my experiences. My love for reading was discovered when I was a child and I would watch my mother reading and escaping her reality. I was so intrigued by her ability to escape through a book I followed her into the world of reading. Romances, mystery, religion, self-help, the Bible, biographies and so on. I could never read enough! Over the years, poetry has poured out of me. Nature being the stirring stick of my heart and passion within. That is "Reading and writings have bee the gift of such joy. Reading and writing (I repeat) have been an outlet for my past struggles and have been a healing tool as a survivor of abuse. Today the true joy for me is reading the Bible, it brings me the joy of the Lord and His love for me that heals.

The word strengthens me and today in my life inspires me to write deeper, love others and to rise to live. The true joy of reading and writing is an inside job the demands unpacking my emotions and translating the application of the Word in context. This is not an easy task. Yes, what God has gifted me through my pain is the ability to transform lives with self-discovery (before it became a thing, a process, a program) self-discovery is revealing one's truth and transforming experiences in the right context and in truth. It is liberating.

To learn more about my options and self-discovery experiences and how to connect with me and share your own story.

Blessing to you!

Alicia Corrales

Founder and CEO of SOAR

(Supporting Others As They Rise)

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