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A Message From Our Founder

Hello there,


I'm Marcia (Mar-See-Ah) and my family calls me Marcie. I am the Executive Director and Founder of The Ruby Project Foundation. We are based out of sponsored by our church Good Shepherd Community Church of Tracy, where my husband Ivan Kirk is the Senior Pastor. We are a registered religious non-profit and Christian Ministry providing programs, training, and advocacy programs.


The Ruby Project collaborative ministry

We have a team of exceptional leaders and educators in our community with a shared passion, responsibility, and purpose to change the manifesto. I feel so blessed to help so many from a warm and personal platform.  We are a professional group of Christians working together to build new programs to impact lives in our community with measured outcomes, feedback, and polling from people like you. 


Each program is introduced as a form of a  pilot group then we discuss the outcomes, and any changes needed prior to launching the program publically.


We work diligently with our community leaders and remain transparent with our community and partners. your voice Our counseling approach includes biblical counseling and a personalized human approach to case management with faith-based resources as our foundation. We also refer out to reputable counselors within our community. We have strong goals to build strong families and communities and improve the lives of the hurting with each victory laced with the crimson love that The Ruby Project will provide, starting in San Joaquin County, Tracy, CA, and expanding to our neighboring communities.

Psst, there is no hidden agenda or secret financial pot of gold I am chasing. My purpose is three-fold.

  1. To love others and point them to Christ.

  2. Implement faith-based programs and services at no cost to survivors of child abuse.

  3. Change their narrative.

What sets me apart?

I have spent years working on my own healing and sharpening my skills in the Biblical Counseling area with a focus on integrating psychology and complex trauma space. As a professional project leader, I see complex problems and have a knack to mitigate and capture data, close gaps, and implement a get-well plan where others have blind-spots.

Perhaps this is due to my passion to implement favorable outcomes. With this, I have a strong professional history (over thirty years, to be exact) of successful planning, execution, and chasing things down to completion. So returning in ministry at my husband's side has allowed me to humanize tasks and challenges. In other words, I see the people and help them move forward teaching, and giving them the tools to reshape their outcomes!

What drives me?

First of all, my love for God, next to the heartbreak I have for people hurting from past trauma and life challenges. What keeps me up at night? Knowing the staggering uptick of 85% silenced and unreported cases of children being sexually abused before they reach 18. This is unacceptable.

Whew, now that we've gotten that out of the way. Let's jump to the personal side. My husband and I have served in our community for over fifteen years. We have six amazing sons and a growing family of daughters, grandchildren, and multiple pets we have rescued. My greatest passion is to help survivors of physical abuse and egregious acts of childhood sexual abuse.  


You see, I am a survivor of sexual abuse. In my case, no-one came to my rescue during my youth and young adult years, but in my training and personal healing, I developed the tools and a ministry to help others alike. Also, I live each day with fibromyalgia and chronic pain but, I am pushing through it, and I have confidence I will learn to manage this. As I turn each corner, I will create faith-based platforms that help others manage their health also.

It is my personal mission to help women connect the dots, remove roadblocks, and reemerge from the ashes of their past trauma to ultimately help them redefine their lives with a strong testimony only God can provide. 


I never would have made it without my faith in Christ.

Thank you for being here and trusting me to lend my voice and help do my part to end child abuse. 

You can hear more of my on-going story by subscribing to my blog.

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