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Rebuilding Hope
We exist to help individuals and our local churches address the effects of childhood trauma and life challenges with resources that integrate biblical principles.

The Ruby  Project is a religious -nonprofit offering Christ-centered spiritual wellness organization providing free group art therapy for traumatized young adults 18+ (women) and using the artistic processes with the support of our trained and vetted program leaders, Christian Coaches. Our clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness and cope with life's challenges.

Our Faith Anchors Us
In a world filled with so many dynamics with an agenda to move away from the very thing that once grounded us in faith equipped with Christ-centered foundations. We now find ourselves faced with broken homes - many wounded souls still silenced and unable to function in life emotionally healthy due to their own childhood trauma.

Why Faith, Creative Arts, and Technology?

With the profound growth in high-tech and leading into many spaces across the Bay Area, the Central Valley / San Joaquin County remains challenged in Christ-centered social and economic care. The Central Valley is pronominally a farming and manufacturing region worldwide. Yet, we remain socially and economically challenged in providing the emotional, educational, and - spiritual wellness greatly needed in our county, San Joaquin Stockton (and our neighboring communities.)

We are faithfully raising our banner for Jesus and asking for help from people like you to get behind our ministry to help us transform lives for women and marginalized families.

We are starting with a plan to build awareness of childhood trauma and enter into a space of healing discussions with Christian Life Coaching, Learning, and Development space by way of group Talks, Workshops and Soul Care.


By teaching life skills, our clients will learn how to manage their lives and homes as we walk with them and develop a road map through client referrals and sponsorships. Through each phase of the program, the clients are introduced to personal assessments, assigned a guidance coach as they learn and apply Healing Art forms, Life Management care (two phases), and lastly, use and may apply for optional career paths in technology or Project+, automation, and growing administration trades to offer high-paying roles and become self-sustaining.

 Each ministry aims to solve problems through proper intakes, agreement, and outlining the life and career goals before embarking on the technology path or Project+ Path. Both programs will pave a new way of thinking within their specific framework with community tech talks, learning, and development, as each group joins their new cohort and shares life with others.

We are breaking barriers with Faith, Creative Arts, and technology with local partnering non-profits with the faith and prayers to create a new generation of innovative thinkers aligned with our Mission and Vision Statement.

Hide and Seek


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